Haparanda (Sweden)

Science and Art Project 

«Emotional Geography of the border cities Haparanda (Sweden) and Tornio (Finland)».

Interactive emotional map of Haparanda.

The emotional map was developed by the researcher Tatiana Zhigaltsova, PhD (Russia) in collaboration with the photographer and editor Kenneth Mikko (organization of field visits, photography, and consultation) (Sweden), 

visual artist Sergey Zhigaltsov (programming and design) (Russia). Translation: Anna Kondakova (Russia).

The emotional map was created based on the anonymous responses collected from 115 local residents of Haparanda. Rotation rate of the diagram corresponds to the activity of the respondents. 

The project team would like to express sincere gratitude to Haparanda Stad /Barn- och Ungdomsnämnden, Grankullenskolan, Gränsskolan, Sverigefinska folkhögskolan, SPF pensionärsförening, Tornion kaupunginhallitus, Seminaarin koulu, Putaan koulu, Tornion kansalaisopisto, Eläkeliitto Tornio for their  participation and assistance in the implementation of this project, as well as all to other stakeholders and our anonymous respondents. 

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